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The best education in TCM

Succes is fun and motivates.         Go for new paths. Well-based, systematical, strong. If you intend to use Chinese Medicine professionally you are right with us. Our scientific course concept is well structured and consistent. All essentail informations are contained in acknowledged Scientific Books .
Scientific publications confirm the success of the Heidelberg Model over conventional “recipe acupuncture”, this most progressive scientific model of TCM is totally compatible with the old scriptures of China but still highly up-to-date and contemporary. “… the future model to integrate Chinese Medicine in western health care systems and research.” Besides the Education for MDs we offer acknowledged courses in the Open School  for Paramedics and Psychologists. Content of Classes und charges. Special offer for newcomers.

Make a new beginning

Thinking has to refresh continuously. Science has to fertilize life, learning should be inner growth. In our classes stereotype memorizing has no place, we apply many memo-tricks and little learning by heart…
TCM appears in a new sense of this word: Recognize humans with their symptoms and emotions in a new light. Thus you achieve a higher emotional competence and a new feeling of sense. The patients notice that. To find new concepts by this deep understanding is our searching. Also MDs and other therapists have a need for sense in life – as all other human beings.
By the way: Placebo-controlled studies show explicitely: more concentration, less burn-out, less fears throug TCM – lifestyle exercises. You are going to learn them.

Community of Colleagues

Our courses connect humans. People with a similar “sense” find each other by the fascination of science.

The courses are organised by HSCM – Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine and you can check the Schedule of Classes.

We are teaching in small groups in a friendly learning athmosphere. The majority of our courses are given in the romantic Atmosphere of Heidelberg the town of German Romantics, poetry and philosophy. From this town of science impressing 55 Nobel Prize winners have derived – that inspires by itself. Also our school has developped from a students circle – you feel that. Until today we understand ourselves as a community of colleagues who exchange their experiences and connect. Special highlights are the courses in theeuropean herbs garden of TCM  in the Provence, which we enjoy at the heart of nature.

Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin als Science

Scientific Publications

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  • Checkliste Chinesische Phytotherapie

    Verlag: Hippokrates 2009
    590 Seiten, 514 Abb., Kst
    Sprache: Deutsch | ISBN: 9783830453468 | >>mehrCheckliste Chinesische Phytotherapie

  • Alisa Heil | DGTCM

    Kursbuch TCM

    Gebundene Ausgabe: 696 Seiten
    Verlag: Thieme, Stuttgart;
    Auflage: Neuauflage! 3. , aktualisierte und und erweiterte Auflage (4. April 2017)
    Sprache: Deutsch | ISBN: 978-3131216632 | >>mehrKursbuch Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin

  • Chinesische Manuelle Therapie (Tuina)

    Gebundene Ausgabe: 245 Seiten
    Verlag: Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine
    Auflage: 4, überarb. u. stark erw. Aufl. (1.April 2006)
    Sprache: Deutsch | ISBN: 3939087009 | >> mehrChinesische Manuelle Therapie

  • Synonima chinesischer Arzneimittel

    Gebundene Ausgabe: 359 Seiten
    Verlag: Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine
    Auflage: 4, wes. erw. Aufl. (1. April 2006)
    Sprache: Deutsch, Lateinisch, Chinesisch, Englisch
    ISBN:3939087033 | >> mehrSynonima chinesischer Arzneimittel

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