Andreia Raquel Soares

Acute effects of Auricular Acupuncture in anxiety in students before Exams

[onepage: 12.11.2012 ]

Antonio Manuel Machado Seiça

Qigong therapy in Nurses of CHUC-HUC with Burnout Syndrome

[One Page: 10.10.2010]

Cristina Maria Dias Moreira

Infertility and TCM

[One Page: 07.10.2012]

Diogo Augusto De Brito Bernardo

The effects of acupuncture in lactate removal after maximum exercise

[onepage: 01.10.2012]

Eva Cristina Belinha Teixeira

Acute effect of Korean hand acupuncture in neck pain (cervicalgia), estudo experimental, randomizado e controlado

[One Page: 22.11.2012]

Irene Maria Teixeira Pais

The Effects of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the immunological function in cancer patients undergoing for chemotherapy

[One Page: 17.12.2012]

Leonel José Marques Duarte leonel

Influência do Qigong no desenvolvimento do processo de atenção e concentração em estudantes adolescentes

[One Page: 05.11.2012]

Nádia Alexandra da Fonseca Sousa

How much Portuguese Community attending Health Centers in Porto perceive about Traditional Chinese Medicine? A Preliminary Study

[One Page: 01.10.2012]

Paula Cristiana Teixeira Pinto Simões Ferreira

Efficacy of acupuncture as an adjuvant treatment on Rheumatoid Arthritis

[One Page: 19.10.2012]

Raquel Sofia Monteiro Jacinto Raquel

Comparison of two acupuncture strategies in treatment of TMJ dysfunction

[One Page: 25.11.2012]

Sofia Isabel Martins Milhano

Long term effect of Heidelberg Scalp Acupuncture in treating patients with Sleep Apnea

[One Page: 12.11.2012]